It's happened again ~ I've got people around me on the left side and some on the right side of the debate but I'm looking at things from the middle.

I seem to find myself in the middle more often than not. It's a blessing and a curse all in one really. Why is that? How is it that some always find the courage to look past the rhetoric and find the true source of the issue instead of jumping on the quick fix bandwagon? Many times more than I care to mention the people truely affected are not acknowledged when all are in a rush to impose judgements or changes and this always stops me from picking a side. I now know this is the reason why I was never part of the 'in crowd' or 'popular girls' in high school.

My state is in utter turmoil this week and I find myself standing on the sidelines wanting to jump on to the field in an effort to bring the anger down a notch; perhaps even get both parties to acknowledge the underlining fear issues but I know I will get trampled by both sides of the argument. There is just too much anger on both sides. I fear politics and many other things in our lives have been turning into this type of situation lately right down to the local PTA.

My little passive aggresive voice has been sneaking up onto my shoulder and whispering into my ear more often than I care to admit. I wonder if this is how the revolution started in Eygpt ... lots of passive agressive voices whispering into all the ears of the people helping them to find courage, helping them to realize waiting for their leaders and controling business zars to do the right thing is no longer an option.

Do you hear it in your ear?
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