It's been some time since I last updated you on the results of my procedure. As with any over 40 body that's been stretched to the ends of the earth to have children, my skin just doesn't have that ole bounce she used too. I continue to loose weight, down 12 pounds as of last week, but the lower belly skin still hasn't naturally gone back into position. My doctor would like to see better results and has started Exilis as part of my treatment plan.

This treatment uses heat and radio frequency to melt fat tissue, think grapes shrunk to raisins, and tighten the skin. I had my first treatment last week and can honestly see a difference even though they state 4 treatments would be needed to see real results. I was glad this treatment was being done the same week our temperatures plummeted into negative numbers ~ this treatment will warm you and keep you warm for an entire day.

I'll be returning this week for my second treatment and can't wait to see how the things change after this week. If it's anything like the first I may just be wearing a two piece swim suit this summer. Yeah ~ who am I kidding ... the 'girls' need a little work before that happens!
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