A warm Midwestern Welcome!

I was born, raised and met my husband of 20+ years in the Midwest. We have two wonderful children who love to keep us on our toes.  

Dearest Daughter is our self reliant, determined; teen who the fine art of negotiating for everything. 

Little Man is our tender hearted giggler. As a pre-teen, he's at the age where hugs from Mom in front of his friends is "so not cool" but he will sneak them in at home when no one is looking.

Kara is our 4 legged sassy smart Pomeranian fur-baby. She has a love of the finer things and the first to let you know she's got it made with her humans.

In 2002 our young family moved to the west coast and enjoyed 2 wonderfully sunny years in wine country. Truth be told Western life suites me. Having multiple family owned wineries within a few miles of our home was a gift from the Gods!

As my husbands work contract came to an end in 2004, it became clear extended family needed more support than we could offer 2,000 miles away. We sold our home, purchased 18 acres of my family homestead, built our current home and have been creating our own little family refuge. I can not say with certainty if we will remain in the Midwest but we are here for now.

We currently reside "in the middle of nowhere" if you believe all who visit us. When most people learn we moved from the sunny west coast to the snowy Midwest they declare me crazy. I very well may be and I'm okay with that. One thing this crazy girl knows ~ family is forever and family will always come first in our life.

Since our move to the Midwest, I've survived the sudden death of my Mother, becoming my Grandmother's guardian until her death 6 months later, a devastating fire to my childhood home and caring for my Father with help from my siblings in the wake of it all. Anyone caring for your parents in addition to your own family can relate to the trials, tribulations and inner struggle of my current life.

In The Occasional Diary I reflect on my life and connect with you. In here you will quickly learn of my love for vino (as if you haven't already figured it out) and on occasion other tidbits of what it is to be a Midwestern housewife.

In The Occasional Craft I occasionally share glimpses of my home, decorating, and gardening efforts. I am not a professional gardener, decorator, or craft guru (aka Martha)  by any means but I love to putter around with things and share the good stuff.

In The Occasional Photo I occasionally share snapshots of my life, gardens and family. I am not a professional photographer nor do I own expensive photography equipment. My photos are more about things in the moment than they are about staging the perfect photo. Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes not so much.

In The Occasional Recipe I share my attempt at cooking for a fussy family. Slowly, and oh so quietly, I have been converting my Irish meat & potatoes men to a healthier semi-vegetarian menu. Here is where I will share our triumphs and failures.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and look forward to sharing this crazy life with you!

PS ~ I love comments as much as you do so don't be afraid to leave 'em!