It's Friday.

The apple pie is cooling, laundry is tumbling away, donation items are finally packet up and I'm flipping through bloggy land all while watching this weeks Nate episodes. My mind is filing ideas for organizing my office, bedroom decor ideas and wondering just when I will make the time to scan every single child's photo for the sole purpose of creating photo books for each of them before they move out. They are 10 and 8 respectively; it's never to late to panic.

Earlier this week I learned my daughter has decided to begin emailing a school mate / boy who transferred schools. Nothing major, just the typical questions of how the new school is, if he's made new friends and she misses him etc. Of course we've been waiting all week for said boy to email back; each day dealing with disappointment. Last night he emailed asking what her email was. We had a good chuckle over the one line email which is similar to someone calling you on the phone and asking you what your phone number is. Obviously I will have to have a talk with her about picking the sharper tack in the box. She's 10. Remember, it's never to late to panic.

She has also begun horse riding. She is in full blown romantic love with horse riding with two instructors and rides either a 15 hand Quarter Horse Paint or a 14 hand Gray Arabian.

The instructors have assured me she is truly a natural with wonderful seat placement. They also shared their motto: when you are a rider it's not a matter of if you'll get bucked off it's when.

Again, it's never to late to panic.
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  1. Don't panic!
    And I bet those photo albums will take less time than you think.