So many people air their personal business on the Internets; facebook in particular. Most have a internal moral filter but we all have those certain someone on our account that will How about you? Do you air it all? Do you simply block those dirty laundry types or just go ahead and read all the while shaking your head?

I'm not a air it all type but I will give you this status update: I have lost of dirty laundry. 6 loads to be exact: 3 darks one pink/red and two lights. It's gonna take me all day to clean this mess up.
2 Responses
  1. Heh. That's a lotta dirty laundry to share with us, sweetie! Yeah, I don't air it all--and sometimes I don't read it all, either.
    p.s. Right now I only have 2 loads, both colored.

  2. haha I have tons of dirty laundry! I'm more likely to post crap on my blog since I don't adverstise that to my family and friends. EVERYONE is on facebook so I'd never say anything there. I hate when people are always saying crap about their spouses on facebook! Then they'll be all "having great time with family day" after "loser is out with his buddies at the bar AGAIN" haha