I'm blogging from the local coffee shop this afternoon to enjoy the super fast WiFi for computer update downloads. As you read this I am sipping my decaf vanilla cappuccino. It's a hard assignment but I am handling it with all the grace I can muster.

I've spent the last few weeks reading every one's posts and spent just as many days thinking I had nothing 'important' to blog about. Been there done that right? We can both be reassured to know I still feel as if I have nothing of importance to blog about but I will share with you some tid bits:

1. I'm still refinishing the large dresser. Yup, still working on it. I should have been done with it by now but one bad coat leads to many hours of re-work. Enough said.
2. I've started walking with a Mom friend twice a week and by walk I mean over an hour of walking and polite conversation while sweating bullets.
3. If I'm not walking in the morning you'll find me weight training at the local fitness center for an hour. I don't have Jillian or Bob screaming at me but I can definitely say I feel stronger and the jiggle is starting to wiggle less.
4. Our 10 year old family desktop computers' hard drive took a head drive crash. Woke up one night to a lot of crazy beeping, clicking and the elusive error message 'hard drive does not exist.' Basically the combinations of beeps, clicks and spins are error codes. Our combination revealed no hope of repair only replacement. We spent a few hours this past weekend replacement laptop shopping. As you may have already guessed this is the reason for the coffee shop visit today; software loading and updating requiring boat loads of bandwidth.
5. I was given a box of raspberry bushes this weekend. If they survive the fall planting there will be raspberry jellies, jams, pies and pastries around this house.
6. I missed the Rick Springfield interview on Good Morning America this week. Tell me I'm not the only one who couldn't miss a episode of General Hospital or own one (or all) of his albums?

So there you have it. My life since my last post in a nut shell. We shall now return to our regular blog reading and commenting ...
2 Responses
  1. Crap! I missed that interview too & I loved Rick Springfield *back in the day*. Yes, I also had fantasies about him.

    Our hard drive fried once & did much the same as you described. Luckily, it happened when I was out of town & hubby had it replaced by the time I got home. I still blamed it on him...

    Good luck with the raspberries...

  2. I am glad to read the update! Yay for the berry bushes, the work out partner and the firmer body! But MAJOR bummer about the computer crash.