This week has been a hot mess. I'm finding the unique challenges are emotionally draining, more so than I anticipated. I find myself in a scattered state; I try to complete a task and become distracted by another task then think back to myself 'Wait. I was just doing something else. What was it again.'

This afternoon I decided to catch up on some of the DVR goodies because quite frankly I wasn't getting anything done. Right in the middle of "Parenthood" I had the urgent need to wipe down all the light switches with Lysol. I mean who does that? Better yet have I lost my mind? I hate cleaning. Well, unless I'm pissed off. Then I can clean a room like no bodies business.

It's not like the episode was a mirror image of my week or my house is outrageously dirty so I don't think it caused the 'cleaning attack' but this sudden urge to drop what I'm doing and clean the light switches of all things has got me feeling a bit off.

Please tell me you've had one of these weeks otherwise I'll have to count my meds to make sure I didn't skip a day.
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