In response to yesterday's post, I've lost my mind.
I took the kids school supply shopping today. All went fine and we only spent $22, not bad right? I then called up hubby to join us for lunch at the local pizza buffet. Let me tell you the crowd was like a pack of wolves salivating at the mouth when they heard the oven timer go off! It was beyond crazy, it was pure hysteria of tomato sauce.
While I quietly munched on a Cesar salad, the adults were busy training their kids in the art of how to tower pizza onto their plate so high that anyone after them had nothing left to pick from. Seriously, the pizza pans were empty after a family or 4 more than once.
Whatever happened to take a few pieces, leave some for others and look forward to another hot yet creative pizza combination on your next trip? I knew the law of nature is 'only the strong will survive' but did I need to witness it at a pizza buffet. By the amount of manors this city lacks the majority of us will starve if the pizza maker quits.
While watching the public display of heathens, I strategically asked hubby if he'd be home the rest of the day? If he would take the kids home so I could get some shopping done? As luck had it no appointments today so he'd 'gladly' take the kids back home. Score!
So here I have the afternoon to shop, alone, without whiner 1 & 2. You'd think I'd take advantage of the situation and fill the back of the truck with goodies. Yeah, I thought I'd be squeezing items in every nook and cranny also. However, because of my certain brand of crazy I only purchase things on clearance. I picked up a whole one decorative plate for $1.73.
Now I know I've completely lost my mind in this heat and humidity.
Excuse me while I spend the rest of the afternoon watching The Tudors Season 2 amongst a mound of popcorn and endless Smirnoff lemonades.
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  1. Oh. Yeah. I'm right there with ya! I love The Tudors and would love to discover what Smirnoff lemonades taste like. Now, how far do you live from me?