In anticipation of back to school the kids and I spent the day at the mall yesterday. The kids were uber excited to get there and show their 'country folk' colors in true fashion.

Our first stop was Starbucks. I needed my coffee and by needed I mean hook up the IV. As luck has it we had a more mature barista helping us. She was quite kind by making small talk with the kids but was thrown for a loop when the kids mentioned hoping they remembered how to use the escalator. Yup, we were flying that country folk flag with pride!

Our next stop was J Crew. Here's a pic of the kids enjoying trying on every single hat in the store much to the dismay of the sales staff. I found a great top regularly priced at $30 for $9 ~ success!

The day was going well until we entered Crate and Barrel. The kids made themselves at home in a living room display, again much to the dismay of the sales staff. All was fine and dandy until we needed to use their down escalator which seemed to be one and half times faster than the up side.

A line began forming behind my son who was near panic state because he couldn't get on the escalator. The sales clerk came over and began trying to make him feel better while coaching him but he was having none of that. In the end we used the elevator and left with some dignity still intact. Thank goodness the food court was near and we could quickly forget the whole incident over a pretzel.

We'll be heading back next week for more escalator fun and back to school shopping ~ much to the dismay of the sales staff! *snort*
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  1. We could make such a scene shopping together. My kids were on an escalator at Ikea for the FIRST TIME last week! And I nearly have a panic attack on them every time! Lord have mercy, we need to get out more!