I haven't blogged since June 21st. To make things simple here's the cliff notes version. Your Welcome.

Garden - Learning to live with a few weeds. Wax beans and sweet peas done for the season. Strawberries climbing all over the place and turning into their own nightmare. Flowers are thriving but overgrown. Thank goodness the English Garden look never goes out of style.

House - Why bother cleaning unless company is coming over? Oh who am I kidding ~ I'm just not cleaning until the kids go back to school.

Weight loss - Ahem, not. Gained 10 pounds so far this summer.

Sanity - Nonexistent at this point.

I'm going to pretend I'm working now even though I'm blog hopping to catch up on all my must read friends. While I'm doing that tell me how your month has been.
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2 Responses
  1. Rain. Rain. And more rain. Got 1st & 2nd place in a golf tournament. Next tournament canceled due to flooding. Swimming every day for 1 to 2 hours. Wondering why I don't see any significant improvement in said body after 2 months of swimming every day for 2 months. Yeah. That's my world...

  2. Sanity..what's that?! These kids are driving me crazy. That said, I am still not ready to even think about going back to school. Gardens? Too hot to even mess with. Mine have been overtaken with weeds and everything else is dying. I am done.