This week is a big week for many reasons. Within a couple of hours of posting I will be leaving for work. For most this isn't anything to write about but in my case it causes our household to panic on the edge or reason.

See, typically I work from home or within a days travel with my clients but ever so often I must travel for days on end. This week is one of those weeks. Hubby requires a print out of the kids schedules, the kids must be reassured they will survive in their father's care and I must ensure the house will practically run on it's own while I'm gone for three days. It's a challenge.

Not only will I be traveling this week but it is also the anniversary of my Mother's passing and my son's birthday this week. I'm thankful for the work distraction but I am concerned feelings may manifest within my work. This could either make my judgement clouded from time to time or send me into 'beotch' mode a lot quicker than normal. I'll be on guard but I do pity the fool who doesn't deliver whatever it is I ask of them.

My son's birthday is this week. I will be back in time for his special day but worry he may notice his birthday party this weekend will be quickly assembled and possibly be missing a few elements he loves.

As a precaution I've pre-programed great dinner options in the Garmin, packed my lavender bubble bath, a lovely novel and ensured great hotel rooms to help me unwind during my stays.

What helps you relax during travel?
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  1. Ear plugs and sleeping pills...

    Hope your son has a great BD & hope your hubby doesn't lose (or kill) them.