This year will be our first venture into outdoor 'summer' sports in our community. Both my kids are very enthusiastic about playing baseball (T-Ball) this summer so we signed them up for community leagues. We were told our registration was the last they were accepting - they have been swamped with kids in their age groups.

When dropping off our registration info I was expecting to see a practice schedule, game schedule and coach information but nadda. Checked their website and they posted the game schedule a couple of hours ago but we still haven't been contacted by a coach for either child's age group. I find it odd that the games are posted to start in less than 3 weeks yet we still haven't been told the practice schedule. Is this normal or am I just an over organized parent who believes in running an organization or company not by the seat of my pants?

Another looming question is how often will we be subjected to 'those' sideline parents who are living out their sports dreams through their children? We've all seen them played out in the media - the parent who screams at the coaches and umps or worse yet their kid from the sidelines not to mention the ones who actually pick a fight.

I know ... I know - it's for the kids and I will be there with camera in hand to capture every proud moment. I just can't help having this sinking feeling. I hope I am wrong. I hope my kids have the time of their lives and as parents we can enjoy the moment.
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  1. Alright, I would love to reassure you that "those" parents only live in other people's neighborhoods ... alas, not true dear Ms. Blarney! They are alive, kicking, and screaming on a baseball diamond in your very own city! Enjoy your nation's favorite past time!

  2. Tiffany Says:

    T-Ball shouldn't have too many obnoxious parents.

    Coaching is hit or miss with actual organization, talent or ability, but chances are if they are volunteering for t-ball, they are a genuinely nice person.

    Enjoy it. It is a total blast and lots of laughs.

    My 7 year old plays coach pitch and the talent varies considerably from player to player, but the kids are great to each son will often "high five" the opposing teams first base man and routinely cheers for his friends on the other team.

    Parents definitely get worse as the kids get older, which is just too bad.

  3. Blarney Says:

    Thank for the words of enlightenment. We are looking forward to the whole process and have found out there is another community close by also offering baseball. We figure if this org doesn't work out for whatever reason there is another 'close by' option.

  4. Okay, I totally dropped internet right after submitting my comment so I apologize if this is repeated but I coached 2/3rd grade basketball this year and the parents were obnoxious. We lost every game like 26-2 and twice had the scoreboard turned off because we were so far behind. But their were parents who deluded themselves that if their daughter played the entire game, we would have won. I just smiled and waved...smiled and waved. There are a lot of parents who aren't crazy and you can sit in the bleachers with them and laugh at the other crazy parents.