As any parent knows, one minute you are the best parent ever and in the next your fame can seem a distant dream. No one ever really knows exactly how quickly the tides can change, they just do.

Much to my delight it appears I have shot right to the top and been proclaimed "The best Mom ever!" without notification by my daughter. It all started Friday morning. Someone snuck into our room and made our bed. I wasn't quite sure who the little Leprechaun was but it was a nice surprise.

Later that evening I placed my head on the pillow only to find a rather large and rock like package underneath. After careful (and sleepy) inspection I realized my daughter was the Leprechaun. She had made her own gift wrap, Mother's Day card and a clay trinket holder which she placed under the pillow earlier that day.

So here's my evidence ....

The wrapping paper has the flower & 'I Love You', the note states she likes my cooking because I made her favorite food Corn Puppies and the trinket bowl has a flower engraved on the inside bottom.

I am sure before the weekend is over I will have fallen from grace but until then will bask in the glow that is 'The Best Mom Ever'.

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!
2 Responses
  1. Oh, you lucky duck for getting to your gift early! I have to wait until tomorrow to get my homemade lovin' !

    Happy M Day to you! And thanks for letting me into your Blarney Spot :) It really is too nice of a place not to share

  2. Tiffany Says:

    I got the exact same "handmade piece" from my son...
    We've decided it's just perfect to hold my rings.

    Happy Mother's Day!