I ran across something this week that had me laughing while nodding my head; I had to share it with you. Julianna Baggott has written a great piece for Real Simple magazine's June issue in which she describes her day via scented candle. If you see the issue, take a minute or two to read page 310 ... you'll be smiling all day long.

7:14am "Burnt Coffee" This rich and haunting scent is the artistic result of accidentally leaving the pot on while buying your favorite mocha caffe latte at the local beanery for three days straight. It has a whiff of dementia with ambitious overtones of suburban angst.

8:45 am "Early-Morning Phone Call From Mother-In-Law" This passive aggressive aroma sneaks up on you. You might smell the lilacs and daises in the moment, but the unmistakable aroma of disappointment and judgement will follow you ... all day long.

4:52 pm "Caramelized Bank Teller" So perfectly tan and chipper. But watch out for the moody undertones of "Yep, that's all there is."

5:17 pm "Vacuum Cleaner on Its Deathbed" This is vintage - the smell of the stubborn remnants of your home being singed inside that one stiffened lung of the vacuum until it lets out a gag and a sputter, then sags.

Never heard of this woman before but if her new book My Husband's Sweethearts, published in August under the name Bridget Asher, is anything like her article I am so in.

Share your scented candle moment ...
4 Responses
  1. I'll play. I have "Kid won't potty train" It is a layer of urinal and barnyard that wafts from room to room leaving you questioning your parental skills.

  2. Tiffany Says:

    This is so funny.. How about "Chili for dinner". Its that smell that comes up on you suddenly and makes you run for an open window. May be accompanied by sound.

  3. my2boyz Says:

    Funny..."Morning breath of 4 year old" Pungent soy milk with undertones mint tooth paste. My son STILL has to have a sippy cup of soy as we read him his story. But it has to be after he brushes his teeth? CRAZY

  4. Alaina Says:

    That's awesome.