I am always amazed at how quickly life can come crashing down; one day everything is going great and the next it's as if a cloud of doom is hanging over your every move. Lately the cloud of doom or rather 'sickness' has been hanging around our house just a little to lowly.

It all started last week with my little man reporting a sore throat, allergies and coughing during his sleep. It's spring so I began the allergy med dosing right away. The meds did their trick or so we thought.

Almost the same day a Cardinal began flying into our windows. No reason that we could tell, just every minute or so - BANG - and then the bird would fly to the next window and do the same thing. For the whole day it was if we were under attack! The darn bird wouldn't stop despite my best efforts of chasing it away.

After a day of letting the allergy meds take hold the little man had more spring in his step and was very affectionate. What Mom can't turn down hugs and kisses! I mean after all who knows when that faithful day comes and it's no longer cool to be seen with your Mom let alone hug or God forbid kiss her! After a day of bird attacks I was certainly going to take all my little man was willing to dish out.

5:00 am Saturday morning we were under attack once again. The attack lasted until 7:00 am! Husband was appalled at the boldness of this Cardinal and confirmed I was not going crazy while he was on his business trip. He ran from window to window in a crazy dance of arms waving in the air supposedly trying to chase the bird from the house that made even myself wonder what the heck he was doing.

As the day progressed so did the 'sickness' around our house. Husband decided to do some spring maintenance on the chainsaw ... the engine block broke, worked on the lawnmower ... found the reason the wagon cart nearly tipped a full load of wood was a lost bolt used to hold the wagon cart to the tractor missing and finally what broke him was the clumsy act of accidentally tipping over the used oil in our garage. By hunched shoulder, head hanging low and just plain 'I give up' attitude he declared "everything I touch today is breaking, time to quit while I am ahead."

Needless to say the barrage of early morning bird attacks and carnage from Husbands fix it spree were wearing me thin. I was getting snippy, had a pounding headache and just plain felt as if I was hit by a truck. Something was wrong ... I needed a soda to get this lump of what felt like cotton out of my throat.

Sunday morning, yup you guessed it, 5am wake up call via bird dive bombing our windows. Bang! Bang! Bang! Husband got up, chased the bird away, climbed back into bed and declared the bird gone. Of course I knew better and just said "sure, right." Wouldn't you know it, 5 minutes later the damned bird was back! Bang! Bang! Bang! The madness was sickening!

After two hours of insanity it was time to get the Sunday paper, make some coffee and try to relax for just a hour or so. I open the front door to be greeted by broken a dried up, crusty broken Robin egg. The mama Robin nesting above our front door had given birth. Apparently she made, what I refuse to believe was easy, the decision that there were to many eggs in the nest so out one went, right on our front walk way. I yelled back into the house with what voice I had left ... "We've been egged!" Of course Husband nearly knocks me over getting out the front door to survey the situation. Later you found me out there with a scrub brush and power washer trying to get the rotten stench and dried, crusted egg off our porch.

I called my Mom to ask her if they ever had a bird bang into their windows. She began to tell me the story of a Cardinal who just wouldn't stop last year. She finally called someone at the local DNR and they told her the bird sees his reflection, thinks it's another male cardinal and wants to fight the bird for territorial reasons. She was told to closed all their curtains to get rid of the reflection for a couple of weeks and the bird finally did leave. Nice ~ most of our windows do not have treatments ... 'to take full advantage of the great view' as Husband has so decided. Later that day I was taping sheets of paper on "Bruno's" favorite attack windows. Yup, you stay around here long enough the kids will name you.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning. I am sitting anxiously by the phone waiting for the doctors office to open at 8am so I can beg to get both myself and the little man in to see someone ... anyone! Later that morning it was confirmed that we both were as sick as we looked ... strep. Oh the price of love. By doctors orders, and I did have her write this down for Husbandry proof, we were to both head home and get some rest ... no work or school for either of us.

It's Wednesday and even though I have been on meds for 24hrs I am still not feeling any better. I think today is another perfect day to play hookie from my Motherly duties while the kids are at school. No one seemed to notice the disaster that is our house yesterday so I am going to just lay back and relax ... just close my eyes for a minute ...

Oh HELL ~ the crazy bird is back!
5 Responses
  1. Tiffany Says:

    I swear, that bird is cracking me up. I know its making you nuts, but the fact that you are under attack is just so funny to me.

    Feel better soon!

  2. my2boyz Says:

    We have a bird fly into our front window at least once a week. Scares the CRAP out of me very time! CRAZY BIRDS!!!

  3. That's got to be just as annoying as our neighbor dog who barks non stop from 5-7 every morning.

  4. I had strep one time, last year. It burns like hell, the worst pain I could remember. I felt like I swallowed razor blades.

    As for the bird, Bruno must be made out of steel! We've got birds successfully committing suicide on our front window on a regular basis. The cats listen for the thunk and come and watch the final twitching ;)

  5. Ann Says:

    I followed you from Susan's blog.
    I live in the Pacific NW and the biggest bird hanging around my yard is a sparrow. They have flown into our windows and that scares the crap out of me.
    I can't imagine what the sound of a cardinal would be?!?!
    I hope you've been able to relax somewhat. You deserve it.