2011 was a busy year for family, personal restoration and business.
I have done so much yet feel as if I have done nothing. I hope you can relate.

In 2012 many of us will make New Year's resolutions. I, however; will not.
All I can do in 2012 is to remind myself to do my best.
Some days my best will compare to the sun's brilliance,
other days my best may look suspiciously close to a pile of crap.
No matter which my best turns out to be on that particular day or task,
the sun's brilliance or a pile of crap,
I know each plays a part in creating beautiful things in and around me.

My 2012 wish for you:
Celebrate your sun's brilliance and those piles of crap for each will create beauty in and all around you.

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  1. Sherri Says:

    Happy New Year! I loved your post, I can sure relate. Resolutions are great ideas, but some days, we just do better than on others. Hope 2012 is a good year for you.