To say I took a break from blogging this summer would be an understatement; it's really been longer but let's not dwell on it shall we. Long story short besdies family vacation, work, home improvement projects, gardening, spending hours in the gym for my daughter's gymnastics classes, child play dates and starting the back to school countdown not much has been happening. There ~ now your all caught up!

All joking aside, it's been a busy summer but I feel ready to ease back into the swing of things ... that is once I take back my garden. I've taken what seems to be about 2 months off from weeding due to the humid temperatures here. Today is our first real break in what feels like the entire summer and I have the electric bill to prove it. Thank you Mother Nature!

This morning I picked my 4th harvest of yellow beans, sugar snap peas and cucumbers. I've been hoping to harvest the first tomato this week but it appears the late summer has also thrown off the tomatoes as not a one has turned red. We have 13 groupings of tomato plants over 5 feet high and loaded with softball sized green goodness. Dearest Daughter compared the size of the tomatoes to pumpkins which only makes my mouth water for all the fresh slices and sauces.

While picking what I could I frustrated to see how out of control the strawberry patch has become with weeds and baby run-offs. I fear it may take me until the end of the week to get things back to civilization or at least looking like a workable garden out there.

What have you been up to?
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