I have to admit, I was skeptical about putting my elective surgery out there for everyone to read (judge). While I know it's the right thing for me it doesn't mean others will agree or even be supportive. But oh how I was wrong! The emails I've received have been wonderfully supportive and understanding. I thank you deeply.

Many have noted wanting to loose more weight before they would consider this step. I hear you on that one and will share my experience with the battle. I've spent the past 10 years at basically at the same stubborn weight and clothing size respectively with one exception about 6 years ago. I starved myself and became the 4 hour in the gym lady who was able to drop 7 sizes but let me tell you I was miserable. Not only did I hold food hostage, I also held myself hostage. I hated myself for who I had become, the Mother and wife who was grumpy all the time. I just wasn't happy and decided the starvation and obscenely limiting food lifestyle wasn't for me.

I still exercise, a weekly routine of 3 days of one hour weight training with 20 minutes of cardio and two days of an hour of cardio. The one big change I've made is not to refuse my diet of foods I love, rather I take smaller portions. Sure I've gained some of the weight back but I am happier, so are the friends and family around me. I've learned to accept I am not a supermodel (obviously otherwise I'd have way more income and cabana boys to keep me entertained) nor am I going to become one anytime soon. What I am is a individual, woman and Mother who would just like to get rid of that cottage cheese birthing belly.

For me it's time to let my children, their voices calling me Mom - their stamp on the world, to become my right of passage as a Mother not my 'Mommy tummy.' I feel as if I have beaten myself up about this subject enough. It's time to let go. There are enough people out there ready and willing to emotionally beat me up on any given subject on any given day, I refuse to join them. It's time to be kind.

With New Year's coming up, what resolutions are you thinking about? Will kindness be one of them?
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  1. Hey, there. I've been out of the blogging world for quite a while and only recently have stepped back in. I have a friend getting ready to have surgery ... I'll have to go back and catch up and see which surgery you are electing. Whatever it is, I'm certain you've thought through it carefully, just as my friend has. I've been in First Place for Health since last February, and it's worked wonders in my life; but for her, though it's been awesome, she needs the surgery. It's almost not a choice, if you know what I mean. Take care. I'll go catch up.

  2. Not any shame on that--and I'm actually resolving some new things, of course being kind to people, but also trying my hand at homemade bread and laser hair removal! And I hear you on weight having little to do with body type--my mummy tummy prevails despite the fact that I've got a low BMI and I'm on the low end of my healthy weight range and I work out regularly--my body fat is low, too, but after babies that just doesn't matter.