Hey, it's me. I've been MIA this week due to illness. A mystery virus according to my doctor. Nothing as sensational as all those flesh eating viruses, just the garden variety makes you feel 'like a bus ran you over' kind. Yeah ~ the kind where the doctor tells you "I can see, physically see, you are sick but it's not strep and I have no drugs for you." Thanks for nothing doc.

I did have a chance to catch up on every one's blogs, make notes on some project ideas, comment on many blogs (in between sneezing and blowing my nose thousands of times) and had many opportunities to think about writing new posts. I never got around to writing but I made a gallant effort at cleaning the house. Key word 'gallant'.

I've got some wall painting, party planning, gardening and bargain hunting in store for this week. How about you? What are your plans this week?
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  1. Painting, party planning and shopping? That's a full plate, lady!