After the week of fog and rain we were finally rewarded with a wonderfully sunny Sunday! I've been out and about in the gardens trying to prioritize all the spring cleaning but just can't seem to contain my excitement enough to really make sense of all that needs to be done.

There's all the hay covering the strawberry patch ~ where to go with it?
What will I plant in the veggie garden this year?
Trimming all the shrubs in need ~ careful not to prune anything with buds on it.
Raking ... oh the raking! It's amazing how far and how many lawn divots the snow plow can tear up along side the road each and every year.
Fertilizer. Why or why are the garden stores always unprepared? I mean spring happens every year, you'd think they'd have the seasonal schedule down by now.

So tell me, what does your spring "to do" list look like these days?
3 Responses
  1. I wish I had your excitement! There was ONE day that it was warm and not raining and for a split second, I got excited about cleaning flower beds, planting new flowers, mulching, etc.
    Then it got cold again!! And won't quit raining! Hmpf.

  2. V. long. Do you have raspberries? Put the straw by them if you do.

  3. We had a few nice days to try & scrape the dirt off everything outside & now it's cold again. They are predicting snow. Again. I need warm weather... soon.

    If you decide to grow potatoes you can put the hay over them until they begin to sprout. Then, it's always a good mulch.