Just when I thought one person couldn't be challenged any farther my son broke his foot in three places. Typically this kind of event would have some sensational story of extreme dimensions but such is not the case.

I was gone, taking care of Grandpa who also happens to have a broken foot, when the accident happened. As it was explained to me the Little Man and Diva were tossing the Frisbee in his room, he was on his bed catching it until he decided to take it to the extreme level. Diva whipped the Frisbee and he decided to fall off of the bed in mid-flight to catch the toss. Unfortunately he landed wrong and broke his foot.

The accident happened on hubby's watch so I had him take the Little Man to the ER to confirm the break last Wednesday night. On Thursday I took my Little Man to my stitch removal appointment at our family doctor. My doctors wonderful nurses took it from there. They called two specialist centers and made the first available appointment that day with a ortho specialist 5 minutes away all while I was getting my stitches removed.

The ortho specialist took us ahead of our time slot and pushed the Little Man's surgery to the first one the following day. It was a whirl wind experience but my Little Man went home early Friday morning and has been recovering all weekend long. It will be another 5 weeks before he will have a weight bearing foot again.

So for those of you keeping track: 1 Grandfather with a broken foot, 1 son with a broken foot and myself with freshly removed stitches. Needless to say, hubby decided not to head out to cut firewood this weekend because as he puts it "I'm the last man standing in the immediate family. If I go down we are in dire straights."

To add to the fun I decided to start taking Alli. With all the crap going on getting to a work out session is next to impossible so the least I can do is try to keep some of the weight from creeping on. I was a bit fearful of it at first because so many have had 'flushing' problems with them but I have found no adverse side effects. I believe this is from having such a low fat diet for so long but I could be wrong. Have you tried them?
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4 Responses
  1. my2boyz Says:

    I say wrap everyone in bubble wrap...

  2. Your husband is a funny man!
    I hope you turn a corner and stay accident-free for hundreds of days now.

  3. I don't know if you remember, but a year ago Christmas my daughter broke a bone in her foot only to find out once she got home that she had a blood clot. The doctor she'd gone to, knew nothing about it. My doctor (regular MD) is the one who discovered it. So, be sure Little Man knows to say something if the pain isn't going away. That whole ordeal was a real nightmare for her. Anyway, I hope he heals quickly. Your Dad too.

    Man, when it rains it pours, doesn't it?

  4. Ann Says:

    Oh Blarney!

    How is everyone today? Hopefully intact. Isn't it amazing how these things happen all at the same time? It's crazy.

    I wish for the smoothest of days for 2010. You've paid your dues. Time for happiness!

    (Where should I send the Ibuprofen?)