... literally.

Most days I'm itching to get a new house project started or a lingering one completed but as of late it's been pretty quiet. I've been side lined this week by a mysterious bump in my arm, forearm to be exact.

I've had it for some time but just thought it was a bug bite that never really wanted to heal properly. As it neared quarter size I decided it was time to visit my favorite family doctor.

After a quick, 5 second glance quick, she declared it was time for a biopsy. Of course that sent me into anxiety mode and I nearly lost my composure in her office. After a deep breath I learned I had two choices. She could just slice off a layer for evaluation or she could cut the whole thing out and I would have stitches for a week or so. Either way I had to come back in 3 days, a whole weekend, for the biopsy.

Over the weekend I quietly wore long sleeves to cover up the unsightly 'whatever it is' and tried to ignore it. Of course trying to ignore it was useless, it began to itch every time I thought about it. I made it through the weekend and even told some of my family members who then promptly went into a quiet panic.

As my biopsy day arrived I was ready. I chose to have the whole bump removed rather than have a second procedure later on. I left the office with deep stitches and even more upper layer stitches with a promise of a pretty good 1.5 inch scar on my arm from now on.

I've changed the bandage as instructed each day and came to the conclusion my arm will look like someone ran my arm through a sewing machine from now on which is pretty ironic. My Mom was a great seamstress and taught me all she knew. I was able to pretty much fly through the mandatory sewing classes in my day, yet I never got the sewing bug.

I haven't had the call to let me know what it was or is but I've got one heck of a itchy arm. I'm sure it's trying to heal but it's more likely I am having an allergic reaction to the adhesive on the bandages.

While I don't have an end to this story yet I wanted to thank each of you for checking in on me these past weeks. It's been a trying time but with my bloggy friends I'm sure to make it through.
4 Responses
  1. Oh, Blarney! Let us know. And keep your bandaids dry!

  2. Will pray for a good result! Poor arm. Keep it cool--heat makes things itch, cold takes the itch away somewhat.

  3. Diane Says:

    Fingers are crossed and all my good, healthy thoughts are coming your way!

  4. my2boyz Says:

    WHAT!!!??? I hope it is all OK...please keep me posted!