As I begin this week I am reminded of the phrase 'Behind every good man is a great woman.' For those of you in doubt I submit the following dream sequence from my guilty pleasure "The Starter Wife."

My thoughts EXACTLY Debra, my thoughts EXACTLY!

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  1. Hi, Blarney! Just stopped in to say HELLO! Hope you've had a good day!

  2. So as I write this, my wife is cooking dinner, folding laundry, feeding the dogs, sweeping, mopping the kitchen floor, changing the oil on the car, and sewing buttons on to my work pants. As for me, I'm just looking at my blogs having a glass of wine, and wondering what the score of the football game is....

    We don't have kids yet, so I consider Stacy still in the training stages.

    Just joking, everybody. Great video, and thank god for wives and mothers! As Bill Cosby says, "I've seen the bosses job, and I don't want it."

  3. K and/or K Says:

    I love that video! Debra is a hot mom. And this Matt commenter cracks me up too!

  4. Debbie Y. Says:

    No, most men can seem to be able to handle the truth. I'd like to see the majority of them take on the resonsibilities if role reversal was implemented. We wouldn't have any more children born into this world and the aspirin/Tylenol makers would be bazillionaires thrice over 'cause they would always be whining of having a headache, LOL!

  5. Heinous Says:

    I do as much as I can, but I know how good I have it. Hats off to all you moms and wives.

  6. Mariah Says:

    I swear, if it wasn't for us women, I don't know how anything would EVER get done. I haven't seen the starter wife, I may need to

  7. Anndi Says:

    No wonder I'm so sick and tired and crabby...

  8. Heather Says:

    Oh, I LOVE love love this. "A list making machine..."

    It's eerily accurate.

  9. Ann Says:

    I LOVE this show. (I'm not surprised you like it too! ;-> )
    I've been such a bad blog-friend. I'm sorry.
    I'me going through this phase of not writing, then writing because I think I should, but not really having anything to say. Wondering if anybody really cares anyway. Which leads me to ask myself 'Why am I doing this?'. Which then leads me to stop writing. Then I realize that I miss my sweet blog-friends very much.
    Vicious cycle.
    here I am!