While I was in the throws of sickness last week, Little Man's 1st grade teacher sent home a diorama assignment. Of course she wanted all first graders (and their parents) to have the assignment completed over a couple of week nights. Right. I know what a diorama is; I just loathed them in elementary school.

My first thought in reading this was "She is absolutely insane!" and after researching the subject ~ just to make sure ~ I declared the teacher certifiably nuts. In my panic induced snotty nose blowing state I did what any good bloggy Mom would do ~ contact another teacher as fast as my fingers would type.

Just who did I contact you ask? The best 5th grade teacher ever ~ John Deere Mom! Not only did John Deere Mom calm my nerves she gave me a wonderful website to aide in the process. Did I tell you how awesome John Deere Mom is yet?! Go visit her blog.

That evening my Little Man came home with a note from the teacher. Seems quite a few parents called her 'discussing' how they would like to have the weekend to finish the assignment due to work restraints. While I did not stir the waters in the classroom I was glad others didn't have a problem doing so ~ Whew!

Friday night Little Man we spent quality time working on his Wetland Diorama. Saturday we took a family field trip to the museum to take a look at hundred's of professional dioramas. We came home thrilled to put the finishing touches on the diorama. Behold ~ below I give you Little Man and is Wetland Diorama! He's on the way out the door to take it to school ... with a big ole grin of course!

While your busy checking out great blogs click your way over to Candid Carrie's. She's got her famous Friday Foto Finish Fiesta going on ~ right now! ~ GO!
17 Responses
  1. Susie Says:

    It's good to have friends "in the know":-) Great job!

  2. debi9kids Says:

    What a fantastic project! He looks so proud!
    Happy Friday!

  3. wendy Says:

    Way cute!! He looks so proud.

  4. Nice job!
    Any big project should be given at LEAST a week to complete ~ a couple of days is not fair to parents!
    I'm anti diorama too!

  5. Such praise! I'm blushing! :) His project looks amazing! And how awesome are you taking the kid to a museum to get ideas?! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are feeling well again!

  6. Linda Says:

    That's a very cool diorama. He should be very proud!

  7. Debbie Y. Says:

    Little Man looks so cute grinning from ear to ear with his finished project.

  8. Karla Says:

    I'm so glad you parents got an extension on your project..

    And I agree...John Deere Mom is great...and when my son starts school in a few years....I'm going to do what you did and call on her.... ;) (shhhh.....she doesn't know that yet.....)

  9. Heinous Says:

    Dioramas are evil. That's all I can say on it. Yours looks great.

  10. Behold...The King of Diaromas !!! Nice work !!

  11. Wow great job! I don't think we've had that project yet.

  12. Robin Says:

    Nice job! Seriously, some of those projects are freaking serious. At that age weren't we still gluing macaroni onto colored paper? Or something like that? Way to go!

  13. Kat Says:

    Ooo, impressive! Luckily my boys have not had to do one of those yet :)

  14. Diane Says:

    I hate dioramas. Mostly because my daughter never takes my advice. She has opinions of her own. Who'd a thunk it?! One day I'm going to make one and show her how good MY dioramas are... then maybe she'll listen to me. Hmmppff.

  15. Are you well now???

    What a super neat project, and a super neat mom, and a super neat kid!!!!

  16. Anndi Says:

    That smile speaks volumes! How cute!

  17. All righty then....we're ready to hear from you!

    And did you hear that you're a winner somewhere?? Congrats!!!