As I listen to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson drone on about the economy this afternoon, I am also watching my Little Man enjoy his latest shipment of Scholastic Books. He loves books.

My Little Man painstakingly sits for hours at a time each month ever so carefully circling the books he wants in pencil. Don't get me wrong, I love that he loves the books but given the current economy we have been limiting the amount ordered each month. It's either that or cut back on food and we are already using that strategy.

When I see the pure delite a new book can bring to my little man who is just learning to read I become pissed off. Pissed off that we are cutting back on $3 books so that we can afford not only our food but the gas to get to the store.

Each week I clip & print coupons for the name brands we prefer over the store brand (generic brand); there is no subsitute when it comes to taste in these cases ~ oh have I tried. I strategize what meals I'll make and what leftover creations I can make based on the planned meals. I've also found myself reaching for bulk products and watching those sales flyrs a bit more closely. I was thrilled to see we saved quite a bit last month.

I know things could be worse. We have a very nice house, we've been very conservitive with our credit and even made great strides to become more 'green' this year. I know it's the right thing to do.

I just can't get into my head how the AIG CEO could have a take home salary estimated at $500 Million, let me say that again a $500 Million, in the last 5 years despite the board to ignoring their failing numbers , paying out bonuses when there was no money to back the them and then having the gall to ask for a government bail out package to save the company before giving some of the money back to the company. Not only is the government bailing out AIG without requesting the money back on moral grounds, they are bailing out more of the same failed companies each day. WTF!

In a few minutes I'll be making our grocery list, placing all the coupons I can find in an envelope and setting off for the store along with a list of various errands now that I'm bundling my in town experience to save gas. All this to save much far less than $500 million.

As I prepare I can't help but ask what strategies you may be using to tighten the spending in your house? What have you cut that pisses you off? Go ahead ... let it out!
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  1. Caroline Says:

    I have given up those fun "Old Navy on sale" splurges. I am a sucker for sales! I am also trying to stay clear of Target...that place is my Achilles heel! I just spent over $300 on my dog at the vets!!!! So that means saving that money we didn't plan on spending. Christmas is gonna be tight this year...

    But seriously...through all this I realize I already have too much...

  2. I'm mad with ya girl!
    If they had to live on our budgets they might REALLY try to fix this problem.
    Hang in there!

  3. Susie Says:

    Our belts were already tight when the economy tanked. Now, my husband is working 12 hour days just so we can't make ends meet. It is going to be a lean Christmas this year:-(

    You know, when my husband doesn't do his job, he doesn't get paid!! Period. How do you get not only paid but bonuses for failing. How can the government allow that!! And then, when asked if the CEOs were giving that money back, they said head almost exploded!! Can't they make them give it back? Whatever!

  4. Meaghan Says:

    absolutely LOVE your header :)


  5. Tiffany Says:

    These are tough times for so many.

    We aren't feeling it yet, but have definitely tightened things up so that we can save, save, save to be safe.

    Being our own employers is wonderful and scary at the same time!

  6. Tiffany Says:

    These are tough times for so many.

    We aren't feeling it yet, but have definitely tightened things up so that we can save, save, save to be safe.

    Being our own employers is wonderful and scary at the same time!

  7. We haven't felt the crunch so much here...but it is coming... we do live very different here in Norway/Europe then we did in the US ..gas is between 10-12 gallon.. there are never any really good "deals" so I only shop when I MUST. I USED to blow $300-500 a pop in Target just because I was bored or it was on sale...

  8. Says:

    It has been difficult! I too and bugged about the AIG and Bail our situation. Call it what you will, it is still a bail out or a "get out of jail free card"! It really ticks me off!

    {Deep Breath...}

    We are trying to cut corners where ever we can. We also have cut back to only $1 or $2 books on the scholastic orders as well. Hubby now takes lunch from home. No more eating out. We just can't afford any "extra's". And like caroline we are giving up our Old Navy sales as well. We have what we need and that is going to have to do for now...

  9. Shelley Says:

    Yeah, it kind of rubs me the wrong way with that kind of irresponsibility being basically rewarded.
    Things were already pretty tight around here because of me being out of a job right now and some bad decisions that we made credit wise (however, you do not see us asking the government to bail us out) we are continuing to tighten our belts and pay off our debts as we can. I think those people should be held to the same accountability. But, whatever, that's why I'm not a senator right?
    I agree that Christmas is going to be very tight this year. And it makes me sad in a way, but glad in another. We are planning on doing something they need (clothing) something they can read (books) and something that they want. Three items for each child and nothing between us because we simply can't afford it. But I hope to make this one of the most special holidays ever for all the love we will be giving and receiving.