Dear Bloggy Friends,

It's been seven days since my last blog. I have no clear explanation for the absence but I can tell you it's been one heck (because you're not supposed to swear in confession) of a time since my last blog.

See it all started last week Wednesday after my last blog. I was supposed to go grocery shopping but found myself with only $10 in our account & even less in the grocery getter's tank. When you live 15 miles from the nearest semblance of a grocery store and no one (and I mean no one will deliver take out way out here) neither one of these circumstances is going to work. So I put on my 'big girl pants' and headed into the kitchen to just whip something up as hubby so nicely put it. Right.

10 minutes later we were all poised at our usual spots around the table for dinner. I opened the lid to the casserole with the biggest something, something (not swearing here) grin on my face and declared "It's chicken pot pie night!" As you can already imagine I got the 'Ewe!' crinkled up nose look from both kids. The next phrase out of my mouth went something like this - "you'll eat it and you'll love it so help me ...."

Thursday night I high tailed it to the grocery store only to find myself sharing company with what had to be every single male in a 30 mile radius. And yes, there was even the classic single pick up in the frozen food section going on.

One hour, $6 in gas, $45 in coupons and 5 paper bags equalling $220 worth of food later I returned home only to realize I really didn't get as much as one should have for the money & time. Right about then self doubt sets in. I begin to wonder if I could have done better with coupons, food choices and just plain getting my picky kids to eat what I make.

The weekend wasn't much better. I made a list of all the half (so not swearing here) jobs laying around the house. You know, the tasks you start but are interrupted or sidetracked so there they lay. I finished everything on my list but when I look around I see so much more that should have been done and ask ~ What the $%&*! happened? I mean what happened to my womanly/motherly multitasking abilities? In this moment I realize it was a blessing not to be selected as Home Room Parent in either one of the kids classes this year.

Monday rolled around. The lawyer I hired to help me with some legal issues with my Grandmother informed me he has done all he can and I need to call the county government office to help me unless I wanted to continue paying him $250 an hour. I kindly thanked him for his help and mentioned I was pretty sure Grandma didn't have a money tree growing outside her cramped little nursing home room window so "Thanks but no Thanks well take the free help recently donated by the county lawyer."

Tuesday and this morning has been spent on the phone with numerous county caseworkers who are working on 'intake' of the case, assigning the case and researching the steps required in this specific instance. All I can say is I am making sure my Dad fills out all possible power of attorney and will documents in short order. There is no way in heck (because I am not supposed to swear in confession) I am going through this process again. No way, no how.

As penance for my blogging absence I was tagged for a meme so I will happily complete the task but ask for a one day grace period. I need to attend a "Family Council Session" with all my Grandmother's doctors, therapists and care givers this afternoon. Life is just not supposed to work this way.

Thanks for listening.
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9 Responses
  1. ((hugs)) Sounds like a lot on your plate!

    I've been spending over $100 a week on groceries and we still have no food in the house. Go figure!

  2. Diane Says:

    Oh, bless your heart... that is one trying week! Hope the rest of this week shapes up for you.

    And by the way... I think I need to shop where you do... every single male within a 30 mile radius... sweet ;)

  3. Oh Hon, you poor thing. Things suck now. I'd like to tell you it will get better. After all, it has too right?

  4. Ann Says:

    I hope that you can remind yourself to breathe and take things moment-by-moment.
    List making is just fine, but don't live by what needs to be checked off. Give yourself a break!
    Little victories make up to a whole lotta' good. You are doing MANY good things. Great things!
    Please stop judging yourself on past performances. Today is today.
    (As for me, I'm just happy that I vacuumed my tiny little living room. And I'm sure that will be it for the day. But I did it. Yeah for me!)
    Take a deep breath.

  5. Caroline Says:

    Ugh...hang in there! It will get better I promise. Hey at least you didn't work for Lehman Brothers and just lost your entire life's savings!

  6. my2boyz Says:

    UGH! So sorry about all the shit going on, I am not confessing so I can swear! Good luck and sorry about tagging you! As for the grocery shopping....I know what you mean!

  7. Robin Says:

    Sending you a big bloggy hug from stinky old Jersey. Dontcha feel better now? But seriously, I love Ann's post. Well-said. Hang in there.
    :) Robin

  8. Migraine Mom Says:

    Oh Blarney!! Big..big hugs to you! It can only go up form here, right??