Update: It's been 5 days and I am doing well. Most of the 'peppering' has washed off with my morning & evening routine. I have been using a mild cleanser on my face and can feel the underlying layers of my skin are still slightly tender so a scrub is out of the question. I do have a few areas where the 'peppering' remains and will need to have a facial with microderm abrasion treatment soon. Where the skin has flaked off I have freshly pink unblemished skin and after applying a simple mineral powder the pink is gone leaving me very pleased with the progress.

I have had a few questions so here we go ~

Heather asks: Was it painful because it was hot? Or did it sting? What was the pain like exactly?

Everyone has a different pain tolerance. Ask your husband snap a rubber band once on the underside of your arm. Now imagine that all over your face. During the procedure I never felt hot or burning sensation but about 10 minutes after I felt as if I spent all afternoon outside without sunscreen. Later the same night my face felt tight and the 'sunburn' feeling was significantly less. Applying aloe and a light moisturizer was key to feeling better.

Carabee asks: Is it expensive?

I guess the cost can depend on availability in your area. During the month of your birthday this place gives you a size able 'birthday discount'. If I add up all the bleaching creams, microderm abrasion and chemical peels I've had over the years to attempt to correct the problem (with no success I might add) IPL was a steal at $150 for the entire face.
2 Responses
  1. Aunt Julie Says:

    bIt's interesting reading about your experience. I have some "sun spots" on my face that I should get rid of--maybe I'll look into this!

  2. Heather Says:

    Oh, I could handle that kind of pain. It doesn't sound too bad at all.