As a Mom you spend so much time building the perfect home, keeping them warm, feeding them and suddenly out of nowhere the day is here ... it's time to fly.

My Little Man's last day of kindergarten, my Dearest Daughter's last day of first grade and Mrs. Robin's day to teach her 4 children to fly. It was a wonderful sight to see all the children excited - everyone had a little extra incentive to gobble down breakfast, stand on the front step in anticipation and spread their wings towards their future.

Fly babies - FLY!

PS - And as far as Bruno is concerned ... well there just are those times when a Mom has to ignore those bad habits in order for them to correct themselves. The chasing from room to room, yelling, swinging your arms in the air in anger just doesn't work so we began to ignore him. In fact, we have been ignoring him for so long now either we no longer hear him at 5am or he has finally decided the daily ariel assault of his 'spitting image' on our front porch is pointless. I believe Bruno has found another house to attack far, far away!
7 Responses
  1. Perhaps Bruno will send you a forwarding address.

  2. my2boyz Says:

    Maybe Bruno got lost. He did hit his head everyday for a while there.

  3. Mama Kat Says:

    My oldest baby starts Kindegarten in a year...why do I feel like I want to freeze time for just a bit...

  4. Tiffany Says:

    That you for the update. I found myself wondering about dear, misguided Bruno. We just finished first grade over here... I can't stand it.

  5. Insane Mama Says:

    I don't know who Bruno is, did I miss something?.... I'm going to read about to see who Bruno is, be right back

  6. Heather Says:

    So much growing and flying away going on this time of year. It's all too much.

  7. Ann Says:

    Congratulations regarding Bruno!

    We also have a nest full of baby birds that are very close to growing up and out.
    I will miss their sweet little voices.