Monday, 1st day of summer vacation ... kids up unbelievably early shrieking with that 'no school' joy. I on the other hand hug my over sized mug of coffee in shear horror all while pleading with the threatening looking clouds "Please oh please do not rain today!"
By 10 am I'm still clutching my over sized, frequently filled coffee mug and hiding out in the office. DD quietly whispers from behind the partially closed door "Mom, can I paint my butterfly hotel?" Little Man standing behind her asks if he can paint something too.
Silence. This could keep them busy for what could possibly be hours. In that sing song motherly voice I reply "You bet! Give me a minute to finish something and I'll be right out! Why don't you get the table ready with newspaper."
Three hours people! Yes, three count them three hours of uninterrupted work time. DD only finished two sides to the 'butterfly hotel' as she calls it. Little Man was so proud of his artwork today and already is talking about what he can create tomorrow. Can I get a Hallelujah!
First day + everyone survived = tomorrows possibilities!
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  1. Insane Mama Says:

    Totally a Good thing, I hope mine goes as smooth