1,842,540How Many Germs Live On Your Keyboard?

Ewwww! I am cleaning my keyboard right now!
Go ahead ... click on it and take the quiz ... if you dare ~

15 Responses
  1. I don't dare. I laugh when I go places that have like a sani-shield over them but if I know the facts they keyboard with be like a public restroom that I now have to line with toilet paper before I begin to type. Thanks for my new phobia.

  2. Kat Says:

    Oh, I cannot go and take that quiz. Yesterday my "Y" key was sticking...and after blowing it out...just the number of crumbs in there is disgusting. How did they get there? I love vacationing on "De Nile."

    (I came over from the SITS site)

  3. Nasty, I don't even wanna think about it!

  4. Tausha Says:

    nasty! I already have the creeps from my hubby watching some show last night about people who came in your house and checked for bed bugs and rats and stuff! It was grose!!! So I think that I will pass on the little test. I like to think that I am a clean person-minus the children and husband! Found you through sits-great way to meet friends!

  5. Insane Mama Says:

    Mine is terrible I have 3325560
    that like 2million more than you

  6. Heather Says:

    With four kids...I'm too scared. I'm going to go buy Lysol right now.

  7. Kat Says:

    Are you by chance in Cape Girardeau? I have family up in Perryville...and my aunt teaches at SEMO...and a cousin is an archaeologist at Wickliff mounds...

    And if not...nevermind :-)

  8. Blarney Says:

    Cape Girardeau?
    Nope ~

  9. Staci Says:

    can i just say i LOVE your mom on strike thingy majig!!! Soo cute, and I dont think i will take the quiz i am already OCD.....im thinkin it might scare me into a cleaning freenzy!!! surfed over from SITS!!

  10. Tiffany Says:

    I keep coming back trying to get up the nerve to do it...and I am just to scared.

    Maybe next time. But probably not.

  11. Blarney Says:

    We are all amongst friends here ... if we can admit to other secrets on our blogs we can certainly admit we have germs once and a while. ;)

  12. JWilson Says:

    I'm kind of scared to see how many germs live in my keyboard but the curisoty is going to kill me so here I go.

  13. my2boyz Says:

    I'll pass thank you! :)

  14. Karen Says:

    Hi- I saw your site on the SITS site.
    My dad's side of the family is from Scotland so I got all excited!!
    I checked out my germ count and it is in the 2 million range- not so surprising with 4 kids!
    Great blog!

  15. I need to dip mine in some BLEACH! before I even take that test. And then? I'd still get herpes.