Sickness, it seems, has taken over our house. The only healthy one left is Husband. Son, daughter and myself have strep, dog has a yeast infection in her ears, goldfish are growing beards, Bruno is still attacking the house, and my rose bush is 'balling'. What a fine black hole of sickness we are!

Yup, Bruno is one tuff bird! While his window attacks have decreased his favorite time to dive bomb the house is still 5am-7am. Thankfully having the windows open, yes finally some summer weather!, seems to have taken most of the fun away from his favorite daytime activities.

Friday evening our high maintenance dog was getting a bath in the kitchen sink when I realized her ears smelled funny ... actually as if a brewery had taken over ... signaling an our battle with yeast infected ears is not over. Thankfully our vet gave us an extra large bottle of meds. Now even though we have a clean dog you wouldn't know it by the greasy, plastered hair look the medication gives her ears or the brewery smell she gives off when near. Nice.

Saturday afternoon I found my sons goldfish growing beards. As you have already guessed, freshwater goldfish are not. supposed. to. have. beards. A call to the local pet store confirmed a fungus has invaded our tank ... so that's why we have had 4 dead fish in one week .. and they'd set aside the potions required. It's only been a couple of days but I can tell the potion is working; the fish are more responsive when seeing us, their scales are clearer and most of all the white cotton looking beards are beginning to disappear. I wonder if they would have a potion for the whiskers ... I mean chin hair I seem to have acquired after 30?!

Finally, the new rose bush I planted hasn't bloomed ... my patience is totally out the window at this point ... so it was time to investigate. Here's what I found:

Balling - buds develop normally, but the petals fail to open and then turn brown ... can be caused by wet weather or by a heavy greenfly attack.

Silence ... so ~ to sum it up either my rose bush has E.D. or a bad case of aphids ... fabulous.

6 Responses
  1. Insane Mama Says:

    Growing beards? That actually sounds like a pretty cool science experiment...
    Feel better, strep stinks and feed the dog yogurt, that will help the infection. :)

  2. Heather Says:

    Man...when it rains it pours at your house. I'm so sorry about the sick husband/yeasty ears/bearded fish/rose aphid problem.

    Girl, you need a vacation!

  3. Tiffany Says:

    Okay, I thought the first growing beards comment was you being funny (as usual)..then I keep reading to find that you meant it! HA!

    When it rains it pours. Go have a drink or six.

  4. Oh dear, there's too much going on here.

    Did you know that dogs can actually catch strep from humans?

    yeah. no shit.

  5. my2boyz Says:

    well dear get better, shave the fish, kill the aphids and as for the dogs ears yuck! Sorry not a big dog fan. :)

  6. EmBee Says:

    Visiting from SITS...
    You had me at:
    "What a fine black hole of sickness we are!"
    Great humor, I'll be baaaaack!