I'm not sure how it happened but all of a sudden ... WHAM! ... I was tagged by Mrs. Romero! Never mind I was last on the list ... I was picked! I am a virgin (wow ... you couldn't possibly know how long it's been since my name has been used in the same sentance as the word virgin ... scares me really!) so you'll have to bear with me ....

What was I doing 10 years ago?
After taking a loooonnnng break from the educational process (yuck) I was knee deep in college courses for a BA in Business Management. Took me 4.5 years non-stop (summer courses included and I had a baby along the way) but I am the first of my family to attend and graduate college.

Five snacks I enjoy:
Apples on a sweltering hot day; especially when they are in Sangria ...
Grapes on a sweltering hot day; especially when they are in Sangria ...
Strawberries on a sweltering hot day; especially when they are in Sangria ...
Cherries on a sweltering hot day; especially when they are in Sangria ...
Pineapple on a sweltering hot day; especially when they are in Sangria ...

Five things on my To-Do List today:
1. Find out why my Son's pet fish are dieing off ... must pick the cutest male in the aquatic department for help ...
2. Work for a few hours ...
3. Plant my Hollyhocks and buy more Stella Day Lilies ...
4. Figure out why a Cardinal has been flying into our windows the past three days ... bang ... bang ... bang! I am pretty sure it's taught a robin who is currently nesting on my front porch how to fly into the window because they are both doing it now ... and people wonder why I am crazy.
5. Take the kids to gymnastics lessons & pretend I am actively listening, genuinely interested, to the blah blah ... of other Mom's for two hours.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Host a garden luncheon and invite all the people who got picked last for anything in their life.

Five jobs I have had:
Salad Bar worker (stock the salad bar)
Corporate Waitress Trainer for a major restaurant chain
Industrial Manufacturing Sales Manager
Marketing Director

Five places I have lived:
Only 3 sorry ...
Southeastern WI
Northern CA (can you say vineyards!)
Southeastern WI (not sure what got into me but we've come full circle)

Five people I want to get to know better (tag! - your it):
You won't know if you've been tagged until tomorrow's post ... yup, I'm sly like that ... see below

Six random things:
I am a garden whale ... tune in to tomorrow's post
I am a Hydrangea ... tune in to tomorrow's post
I am growing tired of W and her posse ... tune in to Thursdays post
One of my all time favorite family vacations was to Santa Cruz, CA ... tune in Friday for pics
I heart Sangria ... you think!
My kitchen has enough space to hold 38 bottles of wine ... red preferred but I am an equal opportunity drinker.
4 Responses
  1. Tiffany Says:

    Okay, you so did not disappoint. And, you are no longer last on the list.. I tagged someone after you!

    I LOVE Sangria. It makes me feel all classy and European... unlike wine coolers which make me feel all trashy and white.

    I need to go count how many wine bottles can fit on my table. That information every woman should have handy.

  2. Heather Says:

    Now I have to go make a big pitcher of Sangria.

  3. Oh dear Mrs. Blarney, you are really quite a riot! The virgin thing was way too funny. Apparently you were way more popular in the olden days than any of us ever imagined!

    Great list and I love the tune it tomorrow gig! Once again, I'll be back ;)

    Wisconsin rocks!

    I should say r-r-r-r-rocks because it is still cold here.

  4. Lex the mom Says:

    Ahhhh! The tag thing really gets around! I was tagged yesterday. ;)

    Me thinks I have to give this Sangria (Spanish Wine?) a try. Yes, I really haven't ever had it.

    I was often picked last, so I guess that means I would be invited to your garden party! YAY!