It's been pretty mellow here the past couple of weeks. We (and by we, I mean hubby) are pretty busy working on the master closet and other projects around the house with a healthy dose of work mixed in.

I arrived home Friday night to a closet with cabinetry. After weeks of our clothing either stacked or hung throughout the house it felt like the light at the end of the tunnel. The news that burst the balloon was learning the clothing rods were not ordered and it will be a couple more weeks before I can sip a fine glass of vino while picking out my t-shirt and jeans for the afternoon. Well, we can all dream right. I promise to post pictures soon it's just that work is getting in the way of a whole lot of personal time lately.

I landed a nice sized contract job, of which I am happy to have mind you, but with every challenge of this size self-doubt surfaces. So much so I've asked hubby to read a couple of my mass correspondence pieces looking for anything, just anything, potentially wrong. Of course he tells me they are perfect and can't figure out why I doubt myself because I am really good at this. Yes ladies, he is all mine so back off.

It's all a part of 'an age old question for women: 'do I really want to do this anymore or do I want to stop working all together and parent 100% of the time.' I've had both lives and have to tell you I'm kinda diggin' the peaceful days not worrying about what chatty Cathy is dishing up by the water cooler. If I want a dose of office politics I need look no farther than our local parents clique. I'm okay not being in the in crowd. I do not like what it does to me. I do not like what it does to others.

In other news we finally broke down and purchased a new grill this weekend. Who knew grill shopping would be such a painful tedious process. She who does all of the cooking, including grilling, shall have more than 90% of the say in the purchase of a new grill, right? It took a few stores for hubby to realize this unspoken rule but he finally gave in with the help of the new manager at our local old orange. To show my gratitude I will be purchasing all my hanging basket flowers from him if the snow ever stops.
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