I have had more crap go wrong before 9am than most I know today and lucky you, you get to laugh along with me.

Today was the day I needed to take my Dad for his surgical check-up. I get up early to drive over in 7 degree weather to make his breakfast. Go out to move his truck so I can get him out of the house. Of course his truck felt it needed to wait for me to yell at it before it would turn over in the cold.

Next move to the van which is in the garage blocking the wheelchair ramp but as I turn the ignition all I get is 'click'. Fantabulous. Get in the house, call the local garage, the owner proceeds to tell me he's to busy to come pick it up because he's "completely booked for the day." I then have to plead my case that he needs to tow this piece of crap away so I can get my invalid father out of the house for a doctor check up. After his much complaining he agreed to pick it up in a couple of hours.

Go back in the house and find my Dad barking out orders to go to the grocery store. Fine. I need gas in my car for the trip. Get to the gas station and find the gas cover/door thingy is frozen shut. In enters mid-aged man who hasn't shaved in like a week (and it's not a good kind of scruff if you know what I mean). "Here lady. I'll help you with my pocket knife."

After 5 minutes of watching him try not to bend his pocket knife while prying open the cover while half listening to him tell me all the possible sprays out there to de-thaw the situation I was finally full of gas and knew way to much about de-icing agents.

Move to the grocery store. My only source of good fortune was the check out person. They know me. After 6 weeks of almost daily training they now remember I shop for two households, need a bagger to bag the goods and will have two transactions.

Is it 9:15 yet? Where's my whiskey?
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4 Responses
  1. With such full hands you'll need to set something down before you have that drink...
    Glad you have a check out person who understands you, though!

  2. You have a big heart, Blarney. ♥

  3. I'm so glad it doesn't get that cold here!

  4. Sounds like my life... minus the aging father. All I have is an aging hubby who gets crankier at every turn, lol.