This summer we took our kids to the their first wedding experience. We would have taken them sooner but we didn't have any weddings that allowed come as you are on the invite.
See my kids, specifically Miss I hate everything in clothing world, don't enjoy dressing up. This year was the first year my Little Man began asking clothing questions and actually tried to make an effort to match his clothes for 'special' things. I wasn't going to make him wear a tie (honest!) but when he found them in the store he insisted on wearing one. No I am not halusinating .... he wanted to wear it!

Then there is Miss I hate everthing in clothing world. She decided to try a dress because I promised her it was like wearing a nightgown. Honest, I can not make this crap up. Here is the evidence my children actually dressed up, really dressed up for some event in their lifetime ... you may never see this again.

See they look like they liked it ... let's just hope we don't have a wedding invite int he mail box any time soon. Little Man had enough of the tie halfway though and Miss I hate everything in clothing world has not offered to wear the dress again.
I try.

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3 Responses
  1. Look how adorable they are!!!

  2. Darling kiddos!!!! ♥♥

  3. Not all those who wander are aimless... Says:

    That's so cute!!!