My son came home with an interesting homework assignment last week. As a family we were supposed to contruct a Leprechaun Trap complete with 'How To' instructions.

We've spent the entire last week planning, drawing, cutting, pasting, staining and painting. Behold ~ the Leprechaun Trap!

My Little Man showing off his hard work. Notice the luring signs! What marketing genius!

Here's the side and back - what great shutters - what attention to detail ~!

When the trap activates you see this ... see the Leprechaun in the window?!

Here you can see the gold coin on the table and the inner mechanics of the trap. I think I have a mechanical engineer in the making.

Have a great St. Patrick's Day everyone!
12 Responses
  1. That is way too cute! You totally have a mechanical engineer in your future and well, I'm partial to that field of study so I say go for it! You can use the gold you get when you trap the leprechaun.

  2. Migraine Mom Says:

    Wow! That is awesome! Now we want to see pictures when he catched that Leprechaun! :)

  3. Robin Says:

    Very clever! :)
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  4. Heather Says:

    Okay, that is ADORABLE!!!! Rumor around here has it that the pesky sprites will be paying us a visit and making all kinds of messes. We'll have to see....

  5. Kimi Says:

    LOL That is very cute! I remember making those in schooL!

  6. Wow! Someone is certainly crafty! However, the real treasure is the boy standing next to the Leprechan House. What gorgeous eyes he has! You'd better start schooling him about girls very soon. He's adorable.

  7. That is totally cute!!!!!!! (as is your little son!) (or should I say big son?) ;-)

  8. thezeninyou Says:

    Happy St. Pat's!! How come yours is so cute? We took an old shoe box and covered it in shiny paper and then put "tape traps" on the inside so he gets stuck trying to grab the coins and candy! LOL...they are convinced it's going to work this year!

  9. Okay, you guys did a super cute job. But that teacher of yours really needs to quit with all the damn projects. Seriously. A leprechaun trap?!

  10. Ann Says:

    What an incredible Leprechaun trap. Perhaps a patent is in order?:->