Stepping out of your comfort zone seems to be a hot topic! Since I mentioned my brave attempt at getting the hood together I received quite a few questions about the whole process right down to the recipes. So here we go ~

Matt's Miscellany asked How did you choose the menu?

Easy peasy ... I called my local Pampered Chef rep and she suggested a whole bunch. Given it's fall and apples are everywhere Fall Harvest became the theme. Theme in mind I selected apple cider and pinot grigio to match the apple crisp. The Oriental Veggie Pizza was the last pick and it worked well with the wine choice despite my initial thoughts.

Nicole asks Do you have any pictures??? You've gotta share them if you do.

No Nicole, no pictures. The thought crossed my mind but I knew the possibility of being caught in action could keep some personalities hidden which is so not what I wanted.

Lex the mom asks Are you real close to your neighbors & how did you go about planning this?

I've already answered the planning part so I concentrate on my neighbors. My hood is a fuse of 'been here over 15 years' and the 'newly subdivision' type. Being that I grew up on the exact same street, I knew the 'been here over 15 years' crowd but we find ourselves to damned busy we hardly visit. Within the newly subdivision crowd I've met them through our kids school functions and found a handful I'd really like to get to know better. I knew they'd get along great with the 'been here over 15 years' clan so I quickly had a nice sized invite list.

Ann asks Oriental Vegetable Pizza's huh?What is that exactly?
1 Refrigerated French Bread Loaf (roll out & bake)
1 -8oz cream cheese, softened mixed with 2 tsp SOY SAUCE & 1 /4 tsp ginger (spread like sauce on baked & cooled pizza crust)
The following are added raw to the crust & paste: 1 small red bell pepper (chopped length wise), 2 c FRESH BROCCOLI (chopped very small), 12 SNOW PEAS, FRESH (chopped length wise), 2 whole carrots, or 6 cheater/baby carrots (chopped small/fine), 1 c SWEET and SOUR SAUCE (drizzle over top of pizza)
Saucy asks What was it about pizza and apple crisp that got everyone down?
I don't think it was the food that got everyone tense more like the idea of them cooking instead of watching the demonstration. I'm sure they all thought they were coming to sit & relax but quickly realized they got way more than they expected!
3 Responses
  1. Haha...I just found out that my wife has a pampered chef party planned for tomorrow.

    I need to pay better attention.

    - MQ

  2. Robin Says:

    Congrats on your gathering! I am impressed... I am too much of a wuss to entertain, mind you invite my neighborhood!

  3. Nicole Says:

    Your so cute, thanks for awnsering my pictures question. I love pampered chef, which I would afford all their stuff.