I did it. Last night I finished the 700+ page book I started months ago. It was one of those moments when I turned the last page ... like I won the 'good fight'.

It's been weeks since I spent any time reading and, despite my attitude about the actual book, it felt good. The ritual of putting on those comfy clothes, making my favorite tea and prepping the bed for an hour of reading before dozing off soothes me even before I open the book. And reading, there is just something about reading. The release from this world into another. The sense of being a welcomed stranger into another persons world is pure release for me. Not to mention I finally won the war I declared on this colossal sized book!

To keep the good times going, this afternoon I filled the kiddo pool with cold water, taunted my children into changing into their swim suits and teased them by calling them chicken until they charged the pool. As they splashed about I submerged myself into a new literary adventure - The Choice.

125 pages later I have a new outlook on this week, a great tan and kids with wider smiles than I have seen in a long time.

There is just something about reading ....
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  1. Heather Says:

    Love love love a good book. It's such a great escape.

  2. Caroline Says:

    That sounds like pure bliss. I am envious! I have not found my good summer read yet. I have been reading and re-reading "A New Earth"...good book but hardly a page turner!

  3. Yay for you! I have been reading like crazy lately and am anxious to get the kids to bed to continue my current book.

  4. Lex the mom Says:

    Those days sometimes feel so hard to come by! Sounds like a dream! I need to go out & find a good book, now, too.

  5. Tiffany Says:

    YEAH! This post makes me so happy! I can't wait for 8.15.08... pmac ends and the reading lovefest begins!

    It warms my heart to think for you smiling... funny thing is, I don't actually know what you look like. Except tan.

  6. leezee52 Says:

    Congrats on being the SITS girl of the day!

  7. Congrats on the spotlight! Love the pic at the top of your blog!

  8. titus2woman Says:

    How FUN to finish a good read! 700 pages? WOW! So sorry for your loss, LOVE your blog, and I clicked over from SITS. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  9. SunEGrl Says:

    Congrats on being featured on SITS. Love the blog pic.

  10. Feliz Says:

    I love to read in a really hot bubble bath. So many of my favorite books have splash marks on the pages, but I don't care because that hour of serenity I get in the LOCKED bathroom is priceless.

  11. Hey Blarney! Congrats on SITS featured blogger. Enjoy all the comment love today.

  12. KimmyJ Says:

    Sorry about the loss of your mother and all the tasks you are still dealing with. I understand that pressue. Glad you had some down time. Reading is my sanctuary.

  13. I'm with all of you on the reading....I love to fall asleep with a good book, and sometimes my six-year-old next to me!

    Congratulations on being SITS girl of the day!

  14. I love a good book...and equally dilike when you start one and find it really isn't pulling you in...ugh...What was the 700 page book?

  15. I just cannot go to sleep without a good book. Reading is food for the soul! Glad you got to enjoy your book!

  16. I have to agree it is something about curling up with a book. My only problem is it gets me so tired I end up taking a nap in the middle of the day.

  17. Melissa Says:

    There is NOTHING better than a good novel. I just finished 4, you should check them out. The voice in the wind series by Francine Rivers, and the Kite Runner. Very good books!

  18. Memarie Lane Says:

    I'm sorry about your mom, mine is the same age. She had a heart attack on my birthday earlier this year and it was a real wake-up call.

    I'm a huge reader myself. If I'm not in the middle of a book all is not right with the world.

  19. Deanna Says:

    I love to read too. I just can't seem to settle down and go to sleep until I have read at least a few minutes of my book.

    Congrats on being today's SITS blog!

  20. ...... Bobbi Says:

    Congrats on being the SITS blogger of the day! Another reader - cool! Nothing beats a great book.

  21. HappyHourSue Says:

    Hey SITSta! How do you have time to blog AND read 700 page tomes? I have given up my book reading altogether, because something had to go, and it probably shouldn't be the kids. :)

    Very sorry for the passing of your mom.

  22. Crazy Momma Says:

    Congratulations on your SITS feature!

    It has been a while since I read a book for the sheer enjoyment of reading...I look forward to my next book of escape!

  23. Breanne Says:

    I agree - Love to read and be out in the sun!

  24. Sonya Says:

    Came to you by way of SITS. I Love a good book! It is truely an escape from our world into another!

    Congrats on you SITS day! Enjoy!

  25. Rhea Says:

    I love reading too. My boys are finally old enough that I can sit next to the pool, and read some while watching them swim. sweet heaven

  26. Sydney Says:

    I love to read. In fact I'm a bit of an addict, but I figure there are worse things to be addicted to. I hope that my son and any future kids are inspired by my love of reading. I know what you mean about finishing a daunting book. Great blog! Congrats on being featured by SITS!

  27. Sarahviz Says:

    I read myself to sleep every night. I love me a good book!

    Found ya thru the SITS gals--love your profile pic!

  28. jennifer Says:

    I read a book for the first time since I started blogging and reading blogs. It was amazing the satisfaction that I got from actually holding a book in my hands.


  29. Ann Says:

    Well here you are, a featured SITS girl!
    I hope this brings happiness your way today.
    I can't wait to hear about your experience tomorrow!

  30. The Mom Jen Says:

    happy SITS love day!

  31. MB Says:

    It sounds like it's exactly what you need! Books are an escape from the real world. I want to be Belle and live in a library when I grow up. My condolences on the loss of your mother and strength as you go forward. Those books will help!

  32. lemonologie Says:

    Good for you! I love escaping with a good book! Congrats on SITS!

  33. Happy SITSday! I'm on my way to check out your blog. I am so sorry about the loss of your mother. I can't imagine the pain.

  34. ~Trish~ Says:

    Hi there! Found you through SITS! Congrats on being in the spotlight! Hey can you get more of a tan from a spotlight???

  35. Kat Says:

    I love a good book. We have been at the beach for two weeks...and I read 7 books. Most of which are now water logged because I read them while laying on a raft in the pool.

  36. Camille Says:

    I read a book last weekend for the first time in a very long time. It is such a nice escape!

  37. Aunt Julie Says:

    There's nothing like the satisfaction of finishing a good book, is there? Especially when it's been such a long time coming! Congrats on your SITS nod as today's Featured Blogger! BTW, I'm having another Great Pop'rs Giveaway, starting tomorrow. Aunt Julie really needs the help of all her Bloggy Pals--she's planning a rehearsal dinner for 60 people! Hope you drop by soon!

  38. M Says:

    Here's to great books AND great tans :)

  39. Kaza Says:

    Congrats on being the SITSta of the day! I hope you've been enjoying the comment love today. I'm a major bookworm, so I totally get what you're saying here. And I did the same thing today with the kiddie pool tactic to score some reading time.

  40. Megan Says:

    I love and hate finishing books. It's sad that those characters leave my life, but satisfying to finish. Congrats on SITS of the week!

  41. Ginny Says:

    Sounds like a great day! Love your blog banner :)

  42. I hear you. Reading is one thing I make time for in my busy life. It's a major stress reliever for me.

    Congrats on your feature!

  43. Emily Says:

    I bought The Choice when Nicholas Sparks was in Raleigh last year to do a book signing. I was like... 7 months pregnant, so needless to say there it sits on my bookshelf, unread. Signed, but unread.

    Enjoy it for me! :)

  44. Just Lisa Says:

    Congrats on the SITS feature! I loved The Choice-- anything by Nicholas Sparks is incredibly dreamy!

    But what was the 700+ book? Is it something I might like?

  45. i used to read all the time...then i had 4 kids...yea...i really miss the quiet of reading.

  46. I am so there right with ya. Today was the due date on my library book "Slummy Mummy" - so good! - so I put all work aside so I could read. I paid for it this morning... house was a mess, dishes everywhere, laundry piles to put away, etc. But for those few hours yesterday, it was bliss.

  47. Caroline Says:

    I had to come back again and say congrats on being featured over at SITS! Woo Hoo!

  48. Laurie Says:

    The Choice is a great book!! I hope you enjoy it!!

  49. LaDonna Says:

    To sit back and just read is a great escape. I love a good book.

  50. The best toy ever: an enclosed quantity of water.

  51. Aunt Julie Says:

    BTW, Aunt Julie needs help planning the rehearsal dinner for her son's wedding, and needs your help. Plus, she's giving away a complete set of Pop'rs in the bargain, starting today-the best way to encourage your family to Eat Their Veggies! Please drop in sometime and check it out!

  52. EmBee Says:

    Too hot here to do anything but hunker down INSIDE, with a good book!

  53. Jess @MCC Says:

    sounds like a good day. :) yep that was one of those midnight talkings or sayings to myself before I laid my head on my pillow, I had to get up and write it down otherwise I would have forgotten it. LOL but yes through my whole life so far I've been the inbetween girl. glad to hear of another purplicious girl. :)

  54. Dapoppins Says:

    I am visiting from SITS...and I just love what you said about a good book. I really wish my kids would let me read while they happily play...

  55. Tausha Says:

    I am with you on the book! You can never have enough good books around! Top it off with a sunny day and happy children-you are good to go! Now all you need is someone else to do the laundry, clean the house and do the laundry! If you find the secret to the latter-let me know ASAP!!
    Have a great one-you so deserve it!
    lots of sits love!!!

  56. Mozi Esmé Says:

    I'm longing for reading days again - baby's sure to grow up sometime, isn't she?

    But then I guess I'm gonna miss this phase then.

  57. Yep...I love to escape into a book. I just wish I made more time for it.