So I am still sifting through comments from SITS day ... what a great prediciment to be in by the way ... but my laptop has seen to have caught a bug ... darn sp3! It's slow going with the desktop but I will get it down to over 50 comments left before Friday.

Warning: Being a SITS feature is way more awesome than anyone can describe! HUGE SHOUT OUT TO SITS creators & sistas!
10 Responses
  1. Ann Says:

    I'm so happy you've had, and continue to have, the SITS experience!
    Good timing.
    Sorry about your laptop!

  2. Laurie Says:

    I would love to be a featured person. I am happy that you were a chosen one. Is there a secret to getting picked? I e-mailed them a while back and have never heard anything from them.

  3. Megan Says:

    How fun! Glad you enjoyed your day of fame :)

  4. Tiffany Says:

    I am SO glad you enjoyed your day!!!!!

  5. Octamom Says:

    Hope your laptop recovers quickly!

  6. Rhea Says:

    I'm so jealous you got huge comment love from the SITS gals!

    Sorry to hear the computer's slowing down. Hope that gets resolved soon.

  7. I'm just now catching up on the SITS blogs, but wanted to say congrats on being the featured blogger. Love your blog!

  8. Mozi Esmé Says:

    Sounds like a pleasant (if overwhelming) task!

    Just thought I'd leave you another comment just in case you were feeling relieved that your list had shrunk . . .

  9. Ann Says:

    So, how did you survive our virtual G.N.O. weekend? :->

  10. Breanne Says:

    Yeah! That is a good problem to have.